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New Features include;

  • Feature-based Inspection 2D
  • Feature Scanning Guidance
  • Productivity-related enhancements
3D Scanners is the Master Distributor for PolyWorks software in the UK. We also have been successfully supplying clients with a range of specialist 3D scanning services for over 16 years.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, in-depth industry knowledge and a commitment to providing the latest in 3d scanning technology and reverse engineering at competitive rates.

To find out how we could help reduce project turnaround times, reduce your scanning costs and provide invaluable expertise and advice just call the team on 03330 300 300 free using inclusive mobile minutes, national rates apply from landline.

3D Scanning Services

Our specialised bureau service enjoys an unrivalled reputation in the market and possesses a dedicated, highly knowledgeable data processing, part inspection and 3d scan team. As a result the bureau can provide a wide range of services including:
  • 3D Laser Scanning / Optical Scanning
  • 3D Long Range Scanning
  • 3D Scan Data processing / meshing
  • Polygon Editing / remodeling
  • NURBS Surfacing / rapid surfacing
  • 3D Scan Data / Polygon Model Part Inspection
  • Geometric 3D Cad models from scan data

If you have an object to 3d scan, please fill in our online form - Quote me

We have a secure FTP site so that our customers can download their data quickly and easily.

Sale and support of PolyWorks® Software

We are the Master Distributor for PolyWorks® software in the UK and Ireland. PolyWorks® is a powerful point cloud inspection and reverse engineering software solution and is the world's No.1 point cloud inspection solution in the manufacturing community. We also provide a comprehensive training and consultancy programme to both new and existing users of PolyWorks® Modeler and Inspection software.

Why buy PolyWorks from us?
  1. We are the UK Master Distributor for PolyWorks® Software.
  2. We can sell PolyWorks® as a stand-alone system (ideal if you already own a 3d scanner).
  3. We have 13 years experience of using PolyWorks® as our No.1 day to day point processing, surfacing & inspection software.
  4. Past user/supplier of other reverse engineering & inspection software, which allows us to compare PolyWorks® easily against other packages.
  5. We can offer certified training customised to your hardware needs.
  6. Dedicated technical support for PolyWorks® Software.
  7. Advise on laser or optical scanning within PolyWorks®.

For PolyWorks technical support please contact us via our online form - Request Support

3D Scanners UK offer on-site demonstrations of PolyWorks® Software at your company. This can be arranged by calling 03330 300 300

Due to the nature of our work, our clients remain confidential at all times, but we have provided 3d optical or laser scanning, part modeling or part inspection, or supplied & supported PolyWorks® Software in the following sectors: automotive, aerospace, airfoil, animation, arts, archaeology, consumer products, power, medical, motorsport, military, fashion,rail, sport & education.

Please visit our case studies page to see examples of our work.

Save money with web exclusives & special offers

As part of our commitment to providing a cost effective 3D laser scanning and bureau service we run regular promotions & special offers, many of which are available only through our website. If you’d like to take advantage of these and save on your 3d laser scanning fees, please visit the special offers page.
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